Saturday, January 19, 2013

Well, howdy readers!
I know it's been quite a while since I've posted a rant ... comment on this little blog of mine.
You see, I've been trying to get myself to be a bit more mellow, less judgemental, maybe a little more tolerant of the apparent shortcomings in the thoughtfulness of others.

APPARENTLY that's not working!

I have realized that those who came before me - Emily Post, Leticia Baldridge, Judith Martin and scores of others - had the right idea.
The common (and I use that term in every facet of its meaning) man (and I use that term in a multi-gender, multi-age way) clearly is losing the meaning of politeness in today's culture (and I use THAT term as loosely as humanly possible).

I cannot fathom the ignorance and perceived entitlement of most people today.
And what is worse is that if and when these etiquette marauders are called on their behavior or, heaven forbid, become the victims of that same treatment by others, they are appalled and become irate for the same infractions of which they themselves are guilty.

SO, I have decided that in this new year of 2013 I would take up the mantel of ESH - Etiquette Super Hero and boldly go where no one with taste, thought and manners has ever gone before.

Well, that was certainly a bit egotistical and prideful and, frankly untrue, because I used to go there ALL the time and I'm just resuming my decision that is shared by the Metropolitan Transit Authority of this great city..."If You See Something...Say Something."

Today I have two subjects. The first of which is Hats & Hoods.
It's January and I completely understand the need to keep one's head warm. I, being a bald man, may understand more than most, as a matter of fact.


When you wear a hat or hood that cuts off your peripheral vision on the streets when you are among other pedestrians, cars, buses and the like....PAY ATTENTION to what's going on around you!

I could be completely selfish and tell you that I only say this to get you - and you KNOW who you are - to stay the hell out of my way, but the whole truth is that I honestly don't want you hurt either. Or anyone else for that matter. So, for clarification and emphasis, I will repeat:

Now....the next subject for today is something that I witnessed just yesterday at a specialty grocery store here in New York called Trader Joe's.
I like to shop at TJ's for a number of reasons. Things are more on the healthy side. Lots of organic product and great prices. They also have a great attitude about giving back to the community.
Yesterday I was witness to a woman's entitled attitude the likes of which I have rarely seen in life - let alone in a place like this.
She had a poor staff member cornered by the canned beans and was complaining bitterly that a man had just taken all but two bent cans of the beans on the shelf to purchase.
CLEARLY, the beans were meant for this woman's cart and she was vehemently complaining how rude this man was to take them all except the damaged cans!
The employee made it clear that the man had a prearranged order for the beans because he worked at a food kitchen for the homeless and unemployed but she would be happy to check the stock area for more of the cans in question.
The offending woman then said something that kind of blew my mind:

"Well, if he works at a shelter, why couldn't HE have used the dented cans and left the good ones for us?!"

Yes, dear readers, you read it correctly:

"Well, if he works at a shelter, why couldn't HE have used the dented cans and left the good ones for us?!"

Upper West Side, obnoxious, thoughtless, clueless, rude and nasty entitlement issues at their most heinous. And what did the staff member do? I really wish I could say that she stayed silent, turned on her heel and walked away, but that's not how Trader Joe's treats their customers - even the most disappointingly thoughtless ones. This lovely young lady said,"I'll see what I can do, ma'am."
And she didn't even say "ma'am" ironically as I would have done.

Take a lesson folks. Rudeness doesn't always beget rudeness but, unfortunately, it's not the same with stupidity and lack of manners. Teach your children well.

All the best in the new year and beyond. And I promise to be more forthcoming in this blog!


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  1. Was that comment about the dented cans made by Barbara Bush? She seemed to think the temporary shelters provided after Katrina were "better than what these people usually have". What a snot.